Our Approach

IMAGIC VISION grants from its foundation a special importance to research and development, to be able to offer its clients the latest technological advances.

Our R & D department is in continuous research to analyze the application of new interaction devices (capacitive, resistive, laser, radar …) technologies as well as new visualization technologies. In each of our facilities we seek the best integration of technological solutions, adapting to each scenario according to the needs of our customers.

Some men see things as they are and ask themselves why? I dream things like they have never been and I wonder why not?



Our values

All creative process and development is based on a method, and on some values to apply to it. These are ours




Through imagination we make possible any idea, with a flexible mind, without preconceptions, and lateral thinking, we create what we believe.



Only with the maximum illusion are all difficulties overcome, and ours is sustained by an absolute confidence in our ability to get where we propose.



We base our capacity on our knowledge of the market and technologies, as the result of a continuous search for new technologies and applications.



Our passion to advance, improve and innovate constantly is the source of our motivation, which is based on the confidence in our ability to make each project unique.



When it comes to finding and applying solutions, no initial idea can be discarded, so in our “brain stormings” we do not rule out anything without first studying its possibilities.



If you want different results, do not do the same. There is no true creativity without innovation. Only really new ideas and approaches are truly creative.

Last Results

As a result of our continuous effort to improve technologies, it is the new Imagic HT-Black LED cabinet model.

It is a cabinet with an extremely low consumption, light, and that integrates modules with IP68 protection by themselves. Its black background LEDs result in exceptional contrast.

It is available in Pixel Pitch of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Our Patents

The Beginnings

Since the beginning of Imagic Vision, we have been committed to the creation of tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs that would also provide spectacularity to the existing market at that time.

Defining our style

After the first designs of our own products, our own style was defined: innovative, spectacular, light, and above all, different solutions. These remain our prerogatives when it comes to creating new products.

New generations

After a first phase of design and development of solutions based mainly on high gain backprojection technologies, the new demands of the market have guided us and led us to create new solutions based on more versatile technologies for Digital Signage such as LED or to develop solutions for other utilities, such as self-payment devices.

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