Digital Signage

The Digital Signage is especially useful when it is interwoven with a Dynamic Marketing service. In this sense, IMAGIC offers customers an added value service for the dissemination of information of the digital signage (indications, shift management, information about the environment, etc …) integrating it with multimedia contents of digital marketing. All managed from a control center that determines what is shown to the public, where and when.

We have a comprehensive information system that allows the segmentation of advertising and corporate content by customer types and geographical areas.

IMAGIC creates the contents and adapts them to the visualization devices, and we include the analysis and measurement of the audience data when the client requires it.

Using the Digital signage network as a support for dynamic marketing has a series of proven advantages:

  • Communication with segmented audiences, through a specific adaptation of the messages.
  • Reduction of costs due to advertising impact.
  • Promotion of the purchase intention and customer loyalty.
  • Improvement of the brand image.
  • Greater knowledge of products and services.
  • Increase in purchase impulses.
  • Easy measurement of marketing campaigns.