Ingesport Healt and Spa Consulting, the company  owner of GO Fit gyms, has chosen IMAGIC for the installation of a giant LED screen aimed at digitizing the group’s advertising in its facilities. To carry out the project, IMAGIC has partnered with the content management company Ladorian, which also specializes in customized digital installations in all types of architectural environments.
This first Led screen for gym GO Fit is high resolution and measures 8 meters wide by 3 meters high. It is installed on the façade of the Elliptical Square building in Madrid and has exterior SMD technology (Surface-Mounted Device), with IP65 protection. This type of LED configuration offers greater uniformity in the color of the image and greater amplitude in the viewing angle.
The peculiarities of the installation, made on the facade of the Elliptical Square, have required an exhaustive custom-made work, which has forced the IMAGIC technicians to dismantle part of the façade and adapt the structure to the concrete surface. The result is a perfect integration of the screen in the architectural environment of the square, the gymnasium and the surface of the facade of the building.
This external SMD led screen installed by IMAGIC is a high-end product in LED technology, with great visual and advertising impact and booming in the audiovisual sector.