The Kings of Spain  have inaugurated the new headquarters of Vocento and ABC, in MADRID,  equipped with the latest LED technology supplied by IMAGIC, with ecoactive treatment. Located on  Josefa Valcárcel street in Madrid, the building of the new facility sports a spectacular 120 m2 transparent LED facade screen, with ecoactive treatment, respectful with the environment.

Screens installed by IMAGIC in the Group’s new equipment have a pollution removal effect equivalent to 300 large trees, as certified by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, with the ISO 22197 seal.

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia went to the new VOCENTO building, equipped with IMAGIC’s ecoactive LED screens, to preside over the delivery of the most prestigious and veteran prizes for journalism in Spanish, the Mariano de Cavia, the Luca de Tena and the Antonio Mingote . The Kings discovered a commemorative plaque in the modern building, which will be the third ABC House since the newspaper was founded.

The screens installed by IMAGIC, with the ECO DESIGN 14006 seal, highlight the new ABC and Vocento building, since they incorporate ecoactive nanotechnology that purifies the air, eliminates viruses and bacteria and produces a hydrophilic effect, which favors natural cleaning and sanitization . All IMAGIC screens have this treatment, a pioneer in audiovisual technology.

The screens installed by IMAGIC are:

  • Digital Wall on the entrance porch. Functionalities by sensorisation of the space: personalized content, people counting, capacity control, … 25 m2 of pixel pitch 2.5. Fully customizable design adapting to existing architecture.
  • Double curved screen for drawing floor 1. Double-sided curved screen of 12m x 1m (25 m2) with a singular design equal to that of the writing tables. Flexible LED pixel pitch 2.0.
  • Curved screen for Colpisa newsroom. 6m x 0.75m (9m2) double-sided curved screen with a singular design equal to that of drafting tables. Flexible LED pixel pitch 2.0-
  • Transparent LED facade display. 120 m2 of transparent screen on the facade of the building.
  • Event area screens. Two 4mX2m (16 m2) pixel pitch 3.9 outdoor screens.