Project Description

Digital LED wall in Emirates NBD branch office  at Emirates Towers

Imagic vision is the provider and integrator of a digital wall and a marquee based on LED technology in one of the most representative offices of the Emirates National Bank of Dubai: that of the Emirates Towers. IMAGIC facilities were inaugurated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Sheikh of Dubai, thus highlighting the first international experience for customers of the so-called banking of the future.

IMAGIC thus participates, as a strategic ally of Emirates NBD, in the equipment of the Future Banking Lab, and it does so with this installation of a spectacular led wall. The Future Banking Lab is a key initiative for Emirates NBD’s digital strategy, which will accelerate the development of the next generation of digital and mobile banking services for the United Arab Emirates.

The equipment focuses on specific areas: digital development, self-service and innovation in all banking services.

This Laboratory of technological innovation of DUBAI, which will continue to count on the advice and experience of IMAGIC, aligns with the commitment of EMIRATES NBD to apply all the latest technological innovations for the multichannel transformation of its processes, products and services in the coming years. three years.